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7 Amazing Ways to Make Your Money Go Further For Your Business

Money is tight nowadays and it is vital that businesses structure their finances appropriately in order to save costs. Energy bills are rising, funds are short and everyone is struggling to keep afloat. Regardless of the sector you work in, you can employ various techniques and methods to try and make the most of what money you do have to make it go further.

The key is to be savvy with your purse strings. Often or not it takes something drastic to make a business sit up and reassess its outgoings to ensure finances are efficient. By closely analysing your expenditures and tweaking particular systems, you can maximise your company’s earnings.

Here are 7 amazing ways to help you make your finances stretch that little bit further and take your business to the next level in 2012.

1. Renewable energy

Energy bills for heating and electricity account for a considerable part of a business’s expenses. Tighten the belt by installing renewable energy solutions; these will make your finances go that little bit further as well as cut your overall carbon footprint. Solar power, biomass technology and wind turbines are increasing in popularity and there are a number of government grants which can help you towards the initial costs.

Alternatively, educate your workforce so the heating is turned off when windows are opened and appliances are switched off at the mains when not in use.

2. Switch energy supplier

It may be that your business is not on the right energy tariff for your individual needs. By comparing all the main energy providers in the UK, you can find the best deal to get the cheapest rates.

3. Tax

Are you paying the right amount of tax for your business structure? It could be that you are paying too much tax, so the best way to ensure the firm is tax efficient is to ask your accountant of the various business structures available and find out which one is right for you.

Similarly, you may wish to hire temporary works during surges in business instead of employing permanent staff. Independent freelancers can cut your tax bills but ensure they stay defined as contractors or you could face penalties.
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Fixed Annuity: The New Impact on Your Financial Stability

It is not uncommon these days to see a lot of people showing their trust to different annuity providers to seek benefits from their various annuity schemes. The annuities project a firm ground to build the future safely. This is a wonderful way to secure the healthy retirement life. The annuity providers have flooded the market with innumerable annuity schemes. The schemes are carefully designed to enable the retired person to get a fixed monthly payment. Each annuity guarantees healthy benefits. It is your own decision to select the appropriate annuity scheme for your future.

The different annuity schemes generally depend on annuity rate. It is a vital factor to determine how much money you will receive as monthly payment. Fixed annuities are the schemes which are aimed to bring proper monthly benefits to a retired person. Understanding of annuity rates is important before the selection of any particular annuity scheme.

Understanding Annuity Rates

The annuity rates are basically the rate of return on your actual investment. The different annuity schemes contain different types of annuity rates. The retired people most of the time dream of receiving the best possible rate of return on their investment. The rate of return generally depends on the economic policy of the government and the current market interest rate. There are some annuity schemes which guarantee a profitable rate of return on their investment.

What is Fixed Annuity?

The fixed annuity is easy to understand and simple in nature. The fixed annuities have the reputation of providing steady rate of return on the ensured period of years. The rate of return in this scheme does not depend on market fluctuations like variable annuities. The fixed annuity is flexible and helpful. It is basically a risk free scheme.

It provides the option of withdrawal after a certain period of time. The person can easily remove his investment in this scheme. The fixed rate of return is beneficial for retired person. They can easily pay their loans with this additional income and also cope up with the rising standard of living. The important facilities of this scheme have made it the number one choice for the retired people. Most of them go for this scheme than any other annuity schemes.
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Cut Small Business Expenditure

To keep your business growing and profitable, it is critical that you minimise your expenditures. By spending too much on something you don’t really need, you’re leaving your business vulnerable to minor changes in cash flow. By minimising your expenses, you’ll be able to better prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

Minimising Your Small Business Expenses

It is absolutely critical as a soloist that you keep your business expenses to a minimum. This will allow you to better protect your business from unforeseen financial circumstances by allowing you save more of the profit for times of low cash flow.

Plan Your Expenses

When you’re considering any expense, decide whether or not it’s really necessary. If it is, is it necessary now, or can it wait? Will you actually get use out of it immediately, or would it be better off waiting until somewhere down the line?

This is why your business should have a budget in place. If you’ve already decided your spending limits for any given length of time, it will be much easier for you to decide if an expense is justified right now.

If you can’t find the time to put together a complete budget, or if you’re just unable to take on the task right now, you should at least form some sort of plan and a time frame for expenses on the major areas of your business.
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A Novice Guide to Home Based Business

Home based businesses are becoming very popular as an opportunity for people to increase their income whilst working from home. For some it is a chance to earn an extra few dollars a week whilst others are looking to make it a full time business and give up their current 9-5 jobs. The advantage of these types of business is that you are not required to be a technical expert, even a newcomer with minimum Internet skills can get started with a novice guide to home based business.

The Dream

Now if you believed everything you read online you could almost believe the Internet highway was paved with gold. Unfortunately that is not quite true, but there are opportunities there, for those willing to make the effort to learn, put in some work and have some discipline and commitment to making their business productive.

You may have read about the 4 day work week and seen numerous pictures of supposed guru millionaires tapping away on their laptops on a tropical beach. There is nothing to say that can’t be achieved eventually, but the reality when you are starting out is more hours than you want to think about, shortage of sleep and a brain overload with information. But on a positive note, no boss looking over your shoulder, you choose the hours you work, so if you want to spend the day with your kids and your nights on your laptop the choice is yours.
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Taking Your On-Line Business to the Next Level

Are you looking to start an online business? Do you currently own an online business looking to improve your payment processing? In today’s shopping world, many consumers prefer to use credit cards because of the convenience and security that they offer. Providers of merchant accounts, also known as independent service organizations (ISOs), provide credit card processing and other payment processing services to meet both your business’s and your customers needs.

Through software applications and other equipment, a merchant account enables your business to accept and process orders made through credit card and other popular methods of payment, such as online checks, gift cards and debit cards. By being able to accept credit card payments over the Internet, you can increase your business’s customer base, sales volume and most importantly conduct business in an efficient and quick way.
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Ways to Save Money

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In these hard times, money is hard to come by so you should know how to save it until things get better. And though you are not part of the pack who have lost their jobs in recent months, you’d still feel the crunch when prices are sky high and you just understand why money is harder to come by these days. You are not probably thinking of ways to either earn additional income or ways to save money.

This is especially true for those who are used to having part time jobs that supplement their income. Right now, additional jobs are harder to come by. Not only are their fewer jobs, there are also plenty of competition and frankly, employers will prioritize those who do not have day jobs.

There are ways to save money and if you think that you can only get it from brochures, flyers or the newspaper, think again because some companies are now offering the same thing online. You just have to find it, print these out and then present this when you want to make a purchase.
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